Dear Value Customers,


We, Dong Tay Investment Corp. We are one of the most famous leading companies in areas. We produce, trading and supply service to all customer.

-    Supplying industrial equipment for various heavy industries:  Construction, Cement plant, Steel Mill, Oil and Gas, Shipbuilding, Foods.

-    We are supplying solution for bridge construction, Road, embankment,…

-     Designing and prodcue the test valve machine, safety test valve, test bench machine, ...

-     Designing and manufacturing hydraulic power unit. hydrotatis pump,...

-     Programming, professional website design, software testing….

Our customer:

Viesovpetro, PV Gas, PVD Tech, PV Drilling, Triyards, SEAS, BSR, PTSC, PTSC MC, PTSC SB, PTSC POS, PTSC PPS, PTSC Quang Ngaii, PTSC Thanh Hoa, Ha Tien Cement plan, COFICO, COSACO, tCC1, Dung Quat Shipyard, Vard,...

 We have been supplied as follows:

-        Lifting hydraulic equipment. Hi-force hydraulic cylinder 

-        Hydraulic jack system.

-         Strut preloading method.

-        Jack support, system scaffolding and system formwork.

-        Anchor work, chock.

-        Screw thread steel bars, coupler. Rebar.

-        Hydraulic jack from 01 ton to 1000 tons, one point to 30 points, synchronous or not.

-        Ball valves, needle valve.

-        Wood machine.

-        Direct control valves, Shutdown valves, control valves.

-        Hydraulic pump, gear pump, Seal,..

-        Hydraulic hose, fitting, tee, …

-        Hydraulic torque wrenches.

-        Bolting solution.

-        Hydraulic pressure from 0.5 ton to 2000 tons.

-        Gauges.

-        Post Auto lifts.

-        Chain hoist, Electric hoist.

-        Shackles.

-        Webbing sling, round sling.

-        Grit host, duct hose, water hose,  PVC hose.

-        Clamp for shipbuilding, construction,…

-        Hand tools.

-        Lathe machine, milling machine, test valve machine...Facing and beveling machine, 

-        Pipeline system, steel pipe, flange, valve,..

-        Hi-force subsea bolt tensioning, .....


If you have any requirements about equipments, please contact us any time. 090 24 25 111


Yours Sincerely


Huynh Tan Hiep